Haven’t you found what you’re looking for? Use this page to request. Please note that for everyone to get their requests fulfilled, it must be done only 1 by user (if this rule is not respected, the request will be simply ignored and deleted). Once we post it, you can request again.
If we can’t get what you want by any reasons, we will delete the request, so you can make another one.

iTunes link:

– Only requests from the Russian and Turkey iTunes Store (RU and TR)!
– The requests will be posted in the best quality possible (iTunes Plus or iTunes Match), so don’t specify the quality, because if you do so, the request will be deleted. Just a reminder: iTunes Match is not iTunes Rip.
– We don’t have enough money to buy all the requests, so, if you want to have a bigger chance to get what you requested and purchased by our team, click in one of the banners just 1 time each 24 hours, if a captcha is displayed, make sure to click it so you can reach the ads page.
– Users who create fake accounts in order to request more will be banned and won’t have the request fulfilled.